When I book online it shows me a price. Is that the guaranteed cost for my appointment?

It is an estimate - cost will depend on your hair type, length etc. For a personalised quote you can book a free consultation.


What is the best way to book?

Online bookings, call the salon or dm us on Facebook or Instagram (please note there may be a wait via dm).


What if I don't know what to book?

Book a free consultation and have a chat with us. We also love seeing inspo pics so we can get a better understanding of the result you're looking for.


When entering my card details to confirm my online booking, does my card get charged?

No, valid card details are only required to secure your booking. You will not be charged until after your appointment where you can choose to pay a different way.


What is your cancellation policy?  

You can view our cancellation policy here.


Do you do hair extensions?

We use Amore hair extensions and we recommend them for thickness, not length.


What is PH Bonder?

PH Bonder is a protecting additive that is used during the lightening and colouring process to prevent damage to the hair follicle.


What is K18?

K18 products contain K18 Peptide's™. The K18 Peptide is the first long-chain peptide that can penetrate the hair cortex and permanently repair hair in just 4 minutes! 


Do you do weddings?

For wedding info please visit our Weddings page. For further info and personalised quotes, please email us at socohsalon@outlook.com or use our contact form.