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GHD Bodyguard Heat Protectant - All Hair Types

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Re-introducing GHD's heat protect and styling #1 best seller, Bodyguard - Heat Protect Spray.

Designed by GHD stylists and engineering heat experts, the new GHD Bodyguard contains the unique GHD heat protection system, allowing you to create flawless styles with professional heated styling tools, without worrying about damage.

Through a two-fold action of protecting polymers and conditioning agents, the GHD heat protection system helps to prevent cuticles lifting by improving the smoothness of the hair surface, ensuring sleek and smooth locks every time. Coating every strand of hair, this professional hair styling product works to protect your locks from everyday heat styling, for hair that looks and feels healthier.

With a lightweight and invisible formula suitable for all hair types, the GHD Bodyguard allows you to maximise your hair styling with heat, whether you're creating curls, waves or a sleek straight look. For guaranteed professional end results, pair with the GHD Platinum+ or Chronos Hair Straightener. 

Protection never goes out of style.

How to use: spritz from root to tip and comb through before using.

Style tip: Apply GHD heat protect spray first if you’re layering it up with other styling products.