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GHD Platinum+ Styler - Black

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The GHD Platinum + Hair Straightener is so intelligent it predicts your hair's needs and constantly adapts the power to ensure the optimum styling temperature, at all times.

Featuring ultra-zone with predictive technology, this advanced GHD hair straightener is guaranteed to deliver consistent results while you style. The GHD Platinum+ Hair Straightener responds to each section of your hair and styling speed to deliver the optimum temperature of 185ºC more effectively, ensuring 70% stronger hair, 75% more shine and 2x more colour protection. Heat is monitored over 250 times per second thanks to infinity sensors throughout the plates, ensuring a precise reading to adjust the power accordingly. So, no matter what your hair type or styling technique, GHD Platinum+ will ensure you always receive the perfect amount of heat for your hair needs, personalised to you.